With a growing reliance on communications and interoperability between different entities as well as operational requirements that involve the sharing of information between a wide range of technologies, as the modern world requires more integrated communications solutions than ever before.

Based on in-depth expertise in communications, NASCO develops and delivers a range of communications solutions that are capable of operation in land, sea and air, with the ability to seamlessly communicate and distribute information, data and commands in real-time, across different entities and communications platforms. This unique interoperability enables quick, dynamic operations without communication limitations, providing a significant advantage and improving performance and results.


For nearly two decades, NASCO has gained repute for its wide range of portable telecom shelters used for mission-critical communications, radio, radar, rural and mobile sites, and microwave links. Outstanding quality, sturdy construction and advanced designs suited to a wide range of demanding applications, are just a few of the qualities that have positioned our transportable solutions as market-leading products.


NASCO specializes in solutions. NASCO finds the clear understanding of a requirement and not just the general scope. NASCO has more than 30 years of experience which has been refined into a high level of professionalism and capabilities which delivers unmatched solutions to the customer. We maintain a national presence all over the kingdom serving governmental and commercial entities. We have strategic partners which allow us to provide solutions to a wide scope of requirements in the domain of radio communications and security for transportable and rapidly deployable systems.