Taking a “secure by design” approach will deliver a long-term cyber security architecture that is inherently secure against threats

NASCO philosophy for Cyber Security is that we will provide a service that best suits the needs of our customers so they can suitably reduce their risk and ensure compliance. We’re a specialized cybersecurity unit from the leading technology experts across the Kingdom. We cover the full spectrum of cybersecurity solutions to protect your company’s most valuable assets from security threats and vulnerabilities. We provide the ultimate digital defense for your business – combining our unrivaled technical expertise with world-class enterprise security architecture.


Security Intelligence

Security intelligence collection, analysis and sharing through customer portals, data feeds, multi-level briefs and security intelligence services.

Managed Security Services

Comprehensive 24/7 security monitoring and log management to provide businesses with a 360-degree view of exposures, incidents, and threats.

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced threat protection enables intelligent response to advanced threats across the enterprise.

Incident Response

Advanced incident response and forensics support that provide immediate access to critical capabilities, knowledge, and skill sets.

Building A Secure Infrastructure

Our goal is to strengthen the digital infrastructure of your business to defend against the modern threats of the cybersecurity landscape. We protect your most valuable assets and sensitive information through world-class security solutions.

Reduce risk and ensure compliance by seeing how we can help you deliver an efficient cybersecurity strategy.