A Leader in Providing, Integrating and Supporting Enhanced Mission-Critical System for the full spectrum of customer - ranging from Government to Enterprise.

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Wireless Telecom & Radio Networks

We are dedicated to designing and delivering the technologies our business and public safety customers refer to as their lifeline.

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Security & Low Current

As a system integration security company, we offer end-to-end solutions for various applications and vertical industries...

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Detection & Protection

OSI Security Division: Global Leader in Security Screening Market

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IT & OT Cyber Security

NASCO philosophy for Cyber Security is that we will provide a service that best suits the needs of our customers so they can suitably reduce their risk and ensure compliance.

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Ports & Marine

NASCO in partnership with the leading names in intelligent maritime solutions, has developed, delivered, and maintained maritime domain awareness systems that helps enhance safety, security and environmental awareness.

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Tactical Communications

With a growing reliance on communications and interoperability between armies, forces, units and divisions...

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Industrial IOTs Solution

NASCO IIOTs facilitate real-time interactions of people, machines, assets, systems, and things. This is the Smart Manufacturing; the Manufacturing ecosystem of the future.

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Energy & Power Systems Solution

NASCO Energy & Utilities smart applications are combines the real and digital worlds across energy systems and industries, enhancing the way people live and work and significantly improving efficiency and sustainability

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Managed Services

Complexity, performance, and cost. Any plan to ensure mission-critical performance must start with managing...

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