OSI Security Division: Global Leader in Security Screening Market


- Deep expertise in critical technologies and a proven track record of delivering break-through solutions generates competitive advantage.
- Security division acquisitions complemented pre-existing technology suite and significantly expanded platform and pipeline.
- New product introductions with sizeable revenue potential.
- Next-gen CT technology (RTT®) for hold-baggage screening.
- Acquired explosive threat detection technology and backscatter X-ray technology.
- Significant ongoing investment in R&D to grow product pipelines and continuously improve performance.
OSI Security Division


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A team of engineers, supervisors and technicians who are qualified and trained on the smallest details of the work of detection and examination devices with a commitment to the skills and high technologies for this and to maintain the safety of health people and the permanent and accurate examination of the levels of radiation with the latest devices.


High-Performance Baggage & Parcel Inspection Systems: Well-Positioned in Expanding Government and Commercial Markets

  • Checked Baggage Screening
  • Cargo and Vehicle Inspection
  • Baggage and Parcel Inspection
  • People Screening, Radiation, Explosive, and Narcotics & Contraband Trace Detection

High-Performance Baggage & Parcel Inspection Systems
Trace Detection
Trace Detection

Opportunity to Capitalize with Leading Products

Hold Baggage Screening
Hold Baggage Screening

Significant Replacement Opportunity with Patented High-Performance Next-Gen CT Technology –RTT® 110

Cargo & Vehicle Inspection Systems
Cargo & Vehicle Inspection Systems

Significant Global Penetration Opportunity with New Portfolio Additions
Strong market share of a wide range of scanning technologies enhanced with acquired Z Backscatter®cargo and vehicle scanning systems

Global Electronics Design & Manufacturing
Global Electronics Design & Manufacturing

Global Electronics Design and Manufacturing Services Focused on Complex, High-Value Niche Applications