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Providing telecommunication services for over 15 years, in collaboration with Motorola, NASCO has offered a comprehensive portfolio of solutions covering two-way radio communication.

For over 75 years, Motorola has been an undisputed leader in wireless communications; from the earliest walkie-talkies, to the first words transmitted from the moon, and currently, to equipping today's busy workforce with the one of the most efficient means of wireless communications.

Motorola's innovative thinking has resulted in many of the wireless communication tools available on the market today. It was Motorola, who, long ago, began building an entire world of wireless convenience and efficiency with its products and systems. And it is Motorola, who, to this day, is renowned for its standards of quality, innovation and invention

  • Professional Radios
  • Commercial Radios
  • P-Series
  • Fixed
  • ASTRO Radios