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Video Surveillance


CCTV cameras are being installed everywhere for crime prevention and detection. NASCO‐ ASSD provide all types of cameras from IP or analogue, PTZ or fixed, Indoor or outdoor with or without IR.

There are many types of technologically advanced CCTV cameras that offer suitable surveillance solutions depending upon your requirement.


Analogue CCTV System and Control Indoor and outdoor CCTV and control room systems with cameras, lighting and lenses. Remote controls, DVR, VCR, keyboards, matrix, telemetry, software and LCD& CRT monitors. Full system design and installation

IP CCTV system and Control Centers
Indoor and outdoor CCTV systems for networks and control rooms with cameras, lighting and lenses. Twisted pair, CAT 5 or 6, Fiber Optics and/or wireless connectivity. passive and active systems. NASCO solutions provide Command and Control Centers with full system design and installation

CCTV System

A prime area of Business for NASCO, Physical Security has for long been a crucial requirement. Partnering with Industry leaders like GE, Pelco, Bosch, Indigo Vision, Cisco and many other world renowned physical security vendors, NASCO has for long been in the forefront providing Physical Security Solutions to its customers.

Physical Security has evolved as a complete solution with monitoring capabilities far superior to a few years back, Video Surveillance Systems that are IP based can be monitored from any remote location, servers that manage the configuration of these systems as well are ip based and can be monitored easily, faults and failures are easily detectable , Seamless integration of Analog, Digital and IP with the help of conversion modules and encoders, DVR’s for the recording and a multitude of other components now make up the Video Surveillance System. NASCO has an excellent track record in provide its customers with the above describes solutions and has a large number of vendor trained and qualified engineers at their disposal to be able to meet the demands of mega sized projects.

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