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Two-way Radio Communication (Motorola)

For over 75 years, Motorola has been an undisputed leader in wireless communications; from the earliest walkie-talkies, to the first words transmitted from the moon, and currently, to equipping today's busy workforce with the one of the most efficient means of wireless communications.

Motorola's innovative thinking has resulted in many of the wireless communication tools available on the market today. It was Motorola, who, long ago, began building an entire world of wireless convenience and efficiency with its products and systems. And it is Motorola, who, to this day, is renowned for its standards of quality, innovation and invention

Professional Radios
Motorola has a broad portfolio of Professional Series radios which are extremely durable and rugged, designed for frequent use in tough environments. The Professional radios come as both portables ( hand held ) and mobiles ( in-vehicle ), and range from the simple to use radios for basic communications all the way through to extremely sophisticated feature rich radios for use in more demanding user environments

Commercial Radios
The Commercial Series radios are designed for use in tough environments, the radios being of high quality, durable and rugged. The Commercial Series radios are rich in features though easy to use, however, the features and signalling formats are not as broad as those for the Professional Series radios

The P-series of radios come only as high quality portable radios. These are very simple to use radios designed for users with basic communications needs who do not need the broad range of features and signalling formats found in the Professional Series and Commercial Series radios. The P-Series radios are also designed for the first time user of two-way radios

To enhance the effectiveness of two way radio communications, Motorola also offers a range of base station and repeaters

ASTRO Radios ASTRO Digital technology represents a revolution in two-way radio communications. It delivers consistent audio quality throughout your coverage area, enhanced signalling and control, greater spectral efficiency and a full range of encryption capabilities