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Since inception as an integrator, as part of our strategy we always focus on acquiring expertise in niche/specialized segments to be able to better serve our customers with their varied and diversified requirements.
Two of the niche segments that NASCO has focused on to help with systems integration are

- Virtualization


Having been in the Telecommunication’s business since inception, NASCO and its customers have for quite some time had a need to integrate radio’s with IP Phones and normal Analog phones as well as with radios on other talk groups to be able to communicate in the event of a disaster or some other calamity.

IPICS is the solution that enables the above integration to be a reality, with the creation of virtual talk groups, a donor radio can be added to one talk group and so can the other devices to be able to communicate with each other. NASCO is currently a CISCO IPICS ATP Partner.

Do visit the below link for a better understanding on the Cisco IPICS solution,


Having been a Prime Service Partner with Fujitsu Siemens (Now Fujitsu Technology Solutions) for over 10 years, NASCO understand the importance of keeping pace with the latest trends in Data Center operations, virtualization has proved a means to save hardware space in the NOC while at the same time reduce the cost of maintenance and reliance of physical hardware while at the same time maintain the uptime and productivity.

With an indirect partnership with VMware (now part of EMC), NASCO offers all services under the virtualization gambit from hosting numerous servers virtually on  resource intensive physical servers helping its customers attain the benefits of virtualization.

Do visit the below link for a better understanding on the VMWare Virtualization Solution,