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Motorola Smart Zones


At NASCO, we value the importance of technology as a tool to empower and enrich business, governments, people, societies, transportation and all other entities and doing so strive to succeed in achieving the best possible use of technology for the benefit of all impacted. We pride ourselves in being a systems integrator engaging the use of various technological advancements to work together to achieve what we believe adds value to your business with world class support and agile technical and managerial assistance from start to finish.

NASCO primarily serves the middle-east and has a domination presence do be able to serve its customers in a more localized way…

Being an integrator involves the presence and use of highly intellectual individuals to work as a team with a pre-defined goal in mind. NASCO Services are extremely diverse ranging from two-way radio communication with Microwave as a media to Fire-Alarms, Access Control, Archiving and so on…

We aim to bridge the various communication mediums by finding a common communication thread thus allowing people on one communication medium to be able to reach people on another communication medium. Thus linking a physical security system to be able to provide data that is usable by ground based radio operating personnel that is in turn usable by individuals in the NOC based on IP networks, such a capability does allow technological integration to work wonders in providing and using data at the right place and time for the right purpose.