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A glance on IT Service at NASCO


Strong backbone to serve NASCO’s core business.
Provide quality IT Services to NASCO and its valued customers, with touches of professionalism.
Implementing ITIL Framework to ensure quality delivery to the IT services.
Internet, Email, ERP, Communications, Hardware Providing (e. g. PCs/Laptops, Multifunction Printers..etc.), Technical Support, Training, Consultancy/Advisory
ITIL Certified staff (Including ITIL Expert & ITSM Manager), CISCO Certified Engineers, MS Certified Systems Administrators, PMP Certified staff, TQM, Experts with vast IT experiences.

What Is ITIL ?

  • ITIL = Information Technology Infrastructure Library
  • Created in 1989 by the CCTA (Central Computer and Telecommunication Agency), a UK government agency, renamed later as an OGC (Office of Government Commerce). Currently named as Cabinet Office (CO).
  • ITIL is:
    • comprehensive, consistent & coherent set of best practices for IT management.
    • identifies key management processes in IT organizations
    • aligns IT services with business requirements
    • promotes a quality management approach
    • vendor (tool) independent
    • worldwide de facto standard for IT Service Management

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Benefits of ITSM Practices

  • Improved quality of IT services delivered
  • Decreased IT operating costs
  • More reliable business support
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Greater flexibility
  • Clearer alignment of IT’s capabilities to support business strategy.

10% reduction in repeat calls to service desk
IT – one less support staff
Business – increased “productivity”
Efficient & effective change management system
IT – fewer problems from bad changes
Business – faster time to market
Efficient & effective capacity management
IT – better budgeting, better resource usage
Business – better budgeting, improved cash flow

Benefits that Drive ROI

  • Reduce Incidents by 30%
  • Reduce Mean Time To Repair by 80%
  • Reduce cycle-time for changes by 25%
  • Improve implementation of no fault changes by 25%
  • Reduce high-priority and emergency changes by 50%
  • Reduce (over) capacity by 15%
  • Increase availability by 10%
  • Decrease Time to Market

itSMF survey

70% achieving “tangible & measurable” benefits


- 85% resolution at FPOC (First Point Of Contact)
- Cost per call down 30%
- 50% reduction in new product cycle

IDC survey

- 79% reduction in downtime & other factors
- Total savings per user $800 p.a. - ROI up 1300%


- Downtime reduced from 60 to 15 mins

Proctor & Gamble

- $100 million p.a. savings!

Professional And Specialized Training