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About ASSD

ASSD is a specialized division at NASCO focusing on the design, engineering, supply & installation of many of physical security systems/ equipment that will assist your organization to protect personnel and assets such as:

  • Low Current Systems (CCTV, access control, fire alarm, etc..) Intrusion and Perimeter detection solutions (fiber, microwave, IR, etc..)
  • X‐ray detection equipment, Walkthru and Metal Detectors
  • CT Checkpoint and Check luggage equipment
  • Jammers (fixed and vehicle mount)
  • Vessel Tracking System (VTS & VTMIS)
  • Wireless Solutions (Point to point and point to multi point).
  • Ground to Air and Marine Radios.
  • Command and Control solutions.
  •  Archiving Solutions
  •  ASSD Engineering expertise provides a framework for developing integrated systems for live and recorded video (CCTV), Access Control, Intrusion Detection, Public Address, VTS and Fire & Safety. Our internal resources evaluate the client’s need and establish a baseline solution from best technologies, while providing the knowledge and technical ability to adapt these systems into the client’s current Security architecture.