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Access Control Solutions

Access Control is a part of almost every organization or enterprise today. Whether a small firm or large enterprise, AC is an absolute requirement in order to maintain authorized access to a certain area.

Traditional Access Control and Time & Attendance

Traditionally Access Control was mainly used to provide access to a certain place by installing a card reader at the entrance or using a biometric fingerprint scan, retina scan, etc…

Advanced Access Control and Time & Attendance

Today, Access Control is integrated with other sophisticated media such as IP camera’s, motion detection, etc… to be able to provide a more holistic and secure mode of access. It provides a single user interface that integrates access control with video and intrusion to create a more robust platform with increased functionality.

Functions that have traditionally been tried together through physical relays and input devices are now controlled logically. By combining the power of access control, digital video and intrusion into one powerful system, Access Control solutions today provide immense scalability, capability and control.

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